We Can Do Better Arizona

If you are here, you already feel drawn to help resolve our problem. Perhaps you’ll feel drawn to volunteer in some capacity. It truly does take a community to end homelessness of youth aging out of foster care. We’ve got several volunteer opportunities that engage your passion and purpose.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Youth Bloggers– Advocates and Foster Youth; highlights success stories of programs and foster youth who find help and build relationships.

Digital Artists – Create impactful ‘good news’ graphics and images relating to successful youth aging out of foster care for placement in blog and/or social media posts.

Social Media Mavens – Shares of success stories from We Can Do Better Arizona campaigns and website via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram through personal profiles, friends pages/profiles and appropriate group pages.

Peer-to-Peer Campaigns – Initiates a contribution campaign through personal network.

Network Connectors – Referrals for We Can Do Better Arizona Mission and Vision engagement and implementation.

Community Champions – Business owners & companies that take advantage of tax credits through We Can Do Better Arizona’s in-person or web-based opportunities.

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